Where do rodents hide during wintertime? + how Bio-One of St Paul specialists can keep you safe

Where do rodents hide during wintertime? + how Bio-One of St Paul specialists can keep you safe

Rodent droppings and animal waste, in general, carry dangerous bacteria that must be cleaned by professionals, as the residue is hard to see and it can be present for months after an infestation. While there are many companies that take care of these household pest infestations, not all of them take care of cleaning after rodent and animal droppings removal. 


Bio-One of St Paul specialists come in to clean and disinfect houses and properties after extermination. Following the latest procedures and training, we make sure to thoroughly look at the areas where rodent droppings usually concentrate, like crawl spaces, attic, ceiling, etc. 

In most cases, these environments become dangerous for humans to be around and, whether it’s due to the unpleasant odors and contaminated surfaces, it’s important to tackle the cleaning aspect in a timely manner to avoid further deterioration to the property, as well as the dangerous diseases associated with rodent droppings.


Where do rodents hide during cold weather?


Rats, mice, bats, pigeons, and other household pests look for shelter during wintertime. They look for warm, closed, dark areas where they can create nests to reproduce. Household pests can reproduce so quickly that, before you know it, you’ll be facing an infestation in your house.


Rodents, in particular, pose a higher risk of infection and diseases for humans, as they can make their way through the smallest holes and gaps. Once they’re inside the property, rodents will look for food and areas where they can reproduce and leave their waste. They can travel through the ventilation systems, electrical ducts, sewers, and even the house foundations. 


Bio-One of St Paul are specialists when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting properties from rodent droppings and animal waste cleanup. Proper disposal of this waste becomes crucial to avoid disease and viruses outbreaks.

Rats and mice can hide and create nests in highly cluttered areas. We recommend to clean your garage, attic and basement regularly to prevent entry by rodents.

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Rodent droppings carry over 35 different diseases, many of which can be transmitted via direct and indirect contact. Direct contact with mice urine, or even breathing in dust from highly contaminated areas can lead to a dangerous disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This is reported to be the primary risk of exposure associated with rodent infestations. 


It’s important to pay attention to broken windows, vent systems, and any gaps where rodents can make their way through our houses and properties, especially during rainy, cold weather. Click here to read DCD’s recommendations on how to seal houses to prevent entry by rodents.


If you ever need assistance with cleaning and disinfecting your house or property from rodent droppings, let Bio-One of St Paul help you. We serve the Greater Minnesota - St Paul area: Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Gem Lake, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Maplewood, Mendota Heights, Mounds View, New Brighton North Oaks, North Saint Paul, Oakdale, Roseville, Saint Anthony, Saint Paul, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights, White Bear Lake, Woodbury, and surrounding communities. 


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